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J. Cole - Lost Ones


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I think the reason why some people don’t love whole-heartedly is that they impetuously dive into yet another relationship when their hearts aren’t complete. That’s why they thirst for almost anyone, so they can fill that void that they haven’t filled for themselves. —If I am blessed to cross paths with an individual who has similar views in life as mine, and before I decide to embark a new journey with that certain individual, I want my heart to be ready. So, I wouldn’t feel the need for another to “complete me”. I am not naïve; I don’t want to love half-heartedly and hope that someone can fill in my other half for me. Debbie Grace , Journal Entry August 24, 2013 (via debbie-grace)
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The Delta Aquarids Meteor shower is happening tonight with up to 20 meteors per hour. I’ll be staying up to watch :)
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Raglan Road | Cristin Milioti

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